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Tarrango Lynallan Ruffian


D.O.B. August 31, 2016

Echo Normal - 2019

CERF Normal - 2019

Ruffian got a late start in the game, we were moving, she was young and wild - so we took some time. She has been shown a small handful of times in 2018 and to show for that has 2 breed wins over specials, a WB and BOW. We hope to have her Championship completed in the near future.


She is a Violet daughter, sired by Loimu. Always good for a laugh and a gentle soul.


Update April 2019:

Ruffian went to the Red Deer show a couple of weeks ago and was awarded BOWs at the Rocky Mountain Whippet Club's booster. 

Ruffian says ok - the kid got her turn.
ruffian camrose bow.jpg
ruffian camrose.jpg
Girl 2 - 4.jpg
She ain't perfect but she is mine...and
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