BISS, Multi Group Placing, BPIG GCh Lynallan Never Get's The Blues, AOM



D.O.B. May 22, 2012

Echo - Normal 

Cerf - Normal

Violet - where to start. She is that once in a life time show dog - the dog that loves to play the game and an absolute delight to have at home. She is everything I love about the breed. Violet was bred by Susan and Dave Nordstrom of Lynallan Whippets and I can not thank them enough for letting her come to live with me. Violet has produced 2 fantastic litters and has now been retired from the whelping box now. She came out of retirement from the ring once in 2019, here she won the group and veteran group while her son Buck was BOW and grandaughter Prophet was best baby puppy in group. We left on a high note and spayed her a couple of weeks later. Watch for her in the veterans just never know!  

Vi BISS1.jpg
Violet BOW NEW CH 05.16 001 (2).jpg